Problems & Motivations
Satoshi would wake from his grave, if aware of how people are acquiring Bitcoins on Central Exchanges.
    Centralized Exchanges (CEX) requests lots of private documents, from IDs to proofs of income.
    Those who buy cryptocurrency on Exchanges are never anonymous.
      It is unclear how Exchanges use their client's personal & private data.
      Mostly wallets and posterior transfers can be tracked by Exchanges and odd legislators.
    CEXs like MercadoBitcoin in Brazil have millions of clients and very expensive trade taxes.
      They follow heavy regulations, and traders might become marked as crypto-owners by our IRS.
      Their founders became billionaires but no Fund is shared among its users or communities.
    Most centralized platforms connecting sellers & buyers are full of scams and fraudsters.
      On personal experiences, our team lost more than 2k on localbitcoin and other online groups.
        "Someone used a hacked Paypal account to buy my crypto and had their money back in 48h"
    Cryptocurrencies on some "p2p" platforms in Brazil can be up to 35% more expensive than on CEX.
    We are part of an online group providing a "relatively reliable" friend-of-friends network of traders.
      Most F-of-F solutions request a day-before BRL deposit and a later conversion and transfer.
      Less bad, but it also doesn't give any guarantees of anonymity or protects the person behind it.
      It also has a very limited number of possible crypto/tokens to acquire.
    On November 2020 the Brazilian Central Bank released a new payment system called PIX.
      This experimental system (we read the papers) enables transfers in seconds over Qr-code.
      Surprisingly, it implements the new privacy LGPD law, presenting the depositor's name only.
    It is time to build a Solution!
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