Smart Brazilian Fiat-to-Crypto-over-Zcash -> Reinventing private Peer-to-Peer trades with Dark Pools
Moeda.Casa Platform was possible by a Zcash Foundation microgrant from ZOMG, enabling our Proof-of-Concept to be implemented by ExtraPolo! & collaborators and the following creation of the ΚΣ Team.
It implements the constant-quest for a safe system (also accessible by Tor) allowing Brazilians with any Bank account to acquire a multitude of cryptocurrencies/tokens in the most private way.
  • No KYC from buyers: no trackers and no analytics, no IDs, no registrations, and zero logs.
  • No worries with order books, liquidity, and complex fees arithmetic.
  • The Liquidity Agent has no information about the user's requested token and wallet.
  • Fast service: Choose, pay and receive.
Moeda takes care of all the Financial Engineering and Cyber Security behind, with a pleasant UX, acting as an open Dark Pool where a limited number of Liquidity Agents funds ZEC into the pool, looking for profit, and enabling other participants to acquire tokens - aware of the exposed names during a conventional bank transfer - done by an automatic QR-Code. The Agent has no clue about the buyers wallet and token being processed, since the system uses distinct methods and external services to detect the payment, swap and route these anonymous ZEC from the Pool into the requested token amount to the user.
Last modified 1yr ago